Fuel IPTV Guide


The following instructions are the step by step guide on how to install the recommended IPTV player app for Android devices such as Android TV Box, Amazon Fire TV, Android Tablet, Android mobile phone, Fire Cube, Nvidia shield, etc.

1. You can either download the Downloader app from the Google Play or Amazon App Store


Directly download the XCIPTV Player from the Google Play Store …

BUT If you already have the Downloader app in your Android device, you can enter the link below in the URL box as follows:

2. Launch the Downloader app and point the cursor at the URL Box press Ok and type:


Note: You can also use a URL shortener to make the download link shorter. Just type the address https://shorturl.at then copy and paste the URL above to this website.

3. Click on go and just wait for the app to download, click install and then done.

4. Launch the XCIPTV Player and enter the login details provided in the digital download or sent to your email!

Further details on how you can install the XCIPTV Player with the Downloader app visit this website https://techthanos.com/firestick/xciptv/#What_is_XCIPTV_on_Firestick

For all other devices like Windows, IOS, Apple, etc. recommended is the IPTV Smarters Player. Just open up a web browser and visit https://www.iptvsmarters.com/#downloads. If you have any further questions please leave a message in our contact form.


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